In this week’s newsletter, I’ll dive into the challenge many SharePoint Framework (SPFx) developers when it comes to code sharing across multiple projects. Duplicating code can lead to maintenance and performance issues, making it crucial to find the right solution.

Discover two options for externalizing code and sharing it across projects, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. I provide an in-depth analysis of the unique aspects related to SPFx solutions and explore the challenge of code reuse across projects.

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of SPFx Library Components, introduced in SPFx v1.9.1. These components allow for independent versioning and seamless consumption by any SPFx component. I’ll share their advantages, such as a simplified development process and no extra deployment steps.

But that’s not the whole sharing story, as you should also consider the alternative (and my preferred) option of leveraging NPM packages, a standardized approach for code sharing in JavaScript-based projects. Uncover the advantages of using NPM packages, including reusability, independent versioning, and automated testing capabilities.

Gain insights into how to use NPM packages effectively in SPFx solutions. Discover the process of externalizing a common package's bundle and hosting it in a CDN. I’ll include the steps to configure your project to externalize referenced packages in your SPFx projects, ensuring optimal performance and code management.

Use NPM Packages, not SPFx Libraries
I’ve never used or found a need for an SPFx library components. There's simply no need for a SPFx-specific solution to a problem that has already been solved with NPM packages.

Learn more about using NPM packages instead of library components in your projects from this week's article! 👇

My Mastering the SPFx course was nominated as a finalist for the best online course by ESPC!

The European SharePoint Conference, held in Amsterdam at the end of November, has nominated my Mastering the SPFx course for their best online course award!

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